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We know Applying for a Home Mortgage can sometimes seem like a daunting task, so let us handle the hard work for you. Our simple mortgage process can help you buy a home or refinance your mortgage in minutes.


Custom Mortgage serving home-buyers in Englewood, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, North Port, Venice, Sarasota, Bradenton, Fort Myers and neighboring Florida area real-estate mortgage needs.


Todays mortgage rates, the best mortgage terms and fast closings top the list of what new home buyers think about every day. It´s not uncommon to get caught up in the process of mortgage requirements and understanding how to apply for a home loan. Who offers the best deal on home loans? What if my credit score is too low to qualify for a home mortgage loan? What information is needed to apply for a mortgage? Is refinancing my existing loan going to lower my monthly payment? These are just some of the questions that we as trained, licensed mortgage professionals help guide you through.


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The Advantages of using a Florida Home Mortgage Broker for your next home loan.

When looking for a mortgage broker the most important consideration is to know that “A Florida Home Mortgage Broker Works for YOU!” We only represent you the consumer and not the lender in the process of acquiring a Florida home loan. We are not employees of the lender and therefore we are not limited to only retail loan products. We work as middlemen between banks, mortgage lenders and you on the wholesale loan originations to secure financing for home loans.


We seek out the best lender package to suit your specific situations. Even if your application for a home loan involves challenges that institutional banks cannot find a suitable solution for. We know which lenders are most likely to approve your loan. Our ability to negotiate home loan rates or terms with chartered banks, wholesale mortgage lenders or even private mortgage funds to ensure you don’t pay too much for your home loan.


When we look at your loan application we can pro-actively work with you to resolve any red flags in your financial history and advise what steps you can take to resolve issues to secure your home mortgage. With our guidance, your first presentation to a lender will be professional and complete. Often, the first application will get the best approval response and save you valuable time and money. We are licensed professionals that are trained in getting the most immediate, positive result for you.


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The following are just some of the reasons your decision to use a Florida Home Mortgage Broker to work for you is in your best interest.


  • We specialize in home loans and we are only paid if you choose the best loan to meet your needs and have closed on your new home. Our dedication to you will always be our priority first.

  • We have access to multiple different lenders, banks, financial institutions and investors to provide you with the most favorable mortgage rates and terms. Thus, saving you money and time. Often when institutional banks turn you down or only have limited mortgage products.

  • We work closely with you one on one to evaluate your specific needs to give you as many options as possible. We look for lenders that fit these needs, then we work closely with the lender until the home loan closes.