Private Investor Mortgage Loan

Private Investor Mortgage

What is a Private Investor Mortgage Loan?

When you cannot meet one or more of the qualifying requirements for a traditional mortgage loan or government lending program, a private investor mortgage loan could be exactly what you need. Some reasons for not qualifying for a traditional mortgage include too low of a credit score caused by an event or other unavoidable situation, the inability to document income in the format or to the extent that is required or the property itself is not within guidelines for a traditional mortgage. A private loan gives quite a bit more flexibility when it comes to individual situations that do not fit any other loans’ criteria.


With a private investor mortgage, paperwork is lessened, and the timeline between the date of application and the closing date is substantially shorter. The higher upfront cost is a tradeoff for faster access to capital and a much less stringent approval process.

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How to get approved for a Private Mortgage Loan

Private money borrowers secure their loans through equity rather than creditworthiness. Therefore, these types of loans typically referred to as equity-based mortgage loans, where the collateral value is of more significance than your financial situation.


Private investor mortgage loans come with shorter terms typically around five to fifteen years and are temporary loans until the applicant can restore credit, improve their current financial situation, or make necessary improvements to the home to qualify for a refinance program to meet their long-term needs. We will work with you to find the right strategy to create a more stable and gainful future.


Why Choose a Private Lender?

Your investment is unique, and the private mortgage will be structured to fit your objective. We secure the money you need with the most competitive pricing and get you funded.


We work with private investors that will fund your mortgage loan rapidly. There is no minimum credit score or “threshold” you are required to meet. Approvals come from reviewing all factors that may outweigh issues like poor credit, foreclosures, short sale, or bankruptcy.